EluneVision 100" 16:9 Short Throw ALR Projection Screen - EV-ZLST-100-0.7

EluneVision 120" 16:9 Short Throw ALR Projection Screen - EV-ZLST-120-0.7

EluneVision 92 Inch 16:9 Aurora 8K Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejection NanoEdge Gain Screen - EV-ZLST-92-0.7

EluneVision 100" 16:9 Short Throw ALR Projection Screen - EV-ZLST-100-0.7

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SKU : EV-ZLST-100-0.7
SKU : EV-ZLST-120-0.7
SKU : EV-ZLST-92-0.7
SKU : EV-ZLST-100-0.7

$7,400.00 CAD

Short Throw ALR Projection Screen

The latest high performance projectors demand it

8K Ultra Short Throw Projection – No Space? No Problem!

The Aurora ST is the first 8K projection screen specifically designed to made for ultra-short throw projectors, which can create an image of up to 120″ at a very short throw distance. You no longer need a large space to have a projection system.

Special layer of ambient light rejection technology

The Nano Lens system provides a superb large viewing angle to the audience. The perfect pixel accuracy ensures a fabulous experience 16K experience. The Aurora 8K qual layer optical coating applied on the Nano Lens ensures contrast boost up to 900%, delivering breath taking colour and detail.

Aurora 8K UST Nano Lens System

The Aurora 8K ST uses a Patent Pending Nano Lens System. The screen has micro ridges that are composed of a special pyramidal shape that rejects light coming from the ceiling while reflecting light to the audience from the Ultra Short Throw projector. This ensure a TV like image under all lighting conditions.

Immersive 3D, 8K AND HDR Experience

With the all new 8K and HDR Support our Specially engineered ambient light rejection technology was developed to reject every bit of any source of light, making your content appear crisp and sharp, even in brightly lit rooms. Ensuring excess light does not disturb your viewing experience while still delivering the content with sharper colors and better contrasts

Dual Frame Structure – No Compromise on Form or Function

A great frame can take your content to the next level, so we’ve designed our frames as a key component of our top-notch screens. Our signature Dual Frame structure comprises two different frames: one frame holds the screen, applying even tension and guaranteeing a perfectly flat surface. The other one incorporates LED lighting and high-density black velour NanoEdge Bezel.

Adaptive Twin Tension System for a Perfectly Flat Screen

Picture perfection can’t be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or creased. We’ve developed a tensioning system that takes care of it and guarantees a perfectly flat surface. Our signature Adaptive Twin Tensioning System is multi-directional: a frame tensioning system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame, and equalization rods to evenly distribute tension.

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