Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Tan - EPMAJ7T

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Cream - EPMAJ7C

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Tan - EPMAJ7T

Panasonic Real Pro ULTRA Prestige Massage Chair In Black - EPMAJ7K

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$11,999.00 CAD

Real Pro ULTRA Prestige : our most intuitive, personal luxury massage experience

Enjoy a professional massage in the comfort of your own home

Panasonic's latest 3D Massage System simulates the warm soothing hands of a professional masseuse.

Panasonic's unique 3D massage system

Uses a high performance brush-less motor and allows the rollers to move up and down, left to right and front to back.

Automatic intensity sensor

Intelligently adjusts applied pressure for maximum comfort.

Intuitive micro processor

Allows for excellent responsiveness to replicate intricate Shiatsu techniques.

High speed digital control

Accurately replicates multiple professional massage techniques.

3D massage elements

Panasonic's unique 3D massage system is comprised of 3 collaborative elements: thermal massage technology, professional massage techniques and professional stretching techniques.

Relax, and revive your body with a heated massage

Shiatsu heated body massage

Our unique 3D massage system replicates intricate Shiatsu massage techniques by applying heat and pressure to acupuncture points for total body relaxation.

Junetsu massage

Panasonic's Exclusive Junetsu technique targets acupoints in the back and neck with invigorating circular motions designed to energize tired muscles.

Vertical kneading

Specifically targets the neck and shoulders

Horizontal kneading

Relieves soreness and promotes relaxation

Lower back & glute massage

Targeted therapy to help relieve lower back pain, stiffness and tension

The lower lumbar and glute muscles work together to support the spine and lower back. The EPMAJ7K features new targeted massage programs specifically designed to relieve tension in the lumbar and glute regions, to help provide relief from persistent back pain.

Spiral knead massage

Innovative spiral kneading massage technique, a Panasonic EP-MAJ7K Exclusive

The EPMAJ7K's state-of-the-art thumb-like massage rollers relieve and loosen tight muscles and knots by executing a new spiral kneading technique delivering an intense yet comfortable graduated circular motion that invigorates tired muscles.

The Personal Touch

You can design your own personal luxury massage experience with 6 different types of spiral knead programs: Neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back, full back and glutes.

Shiatsu foot rollers

Relieve tired feet with our NEW luxury foot massage program

Foot roller massage technology

The EP-MAJ7K's innovative foot massage technology activates the arch of the foot with a firm rolling motion, smoothing away tension and fatigue and bringing relief to sore arches.

Shiatsu foot massage

The targeted pressure of massage nodules help activate acupoints in the feet to loosen the ball of the foot, while alternating airbags apply gentle pressure for maximum relaxation.

Invigorating airbag massage

The EP-MAJ7K massaging ottoman features both calf and foot airbag systems to help enhance the massage experience by temporarily increasing blood flow for an energizing feeling.

NEW! Professional stretching techniques

Improve flexibility, circulation and reduce tension

Our combined 3D massage techniques and full-body airbags stretch deep into the muscle tissue for a powerful, therapeutic stretching massage with a new focus on lower back and core.

Neck, chest, pelvis & leg stretch techniques

Airbag technology elevates and secure these core areas while rollers gently massage. As the airbags slowly deflates, they create a relaxing stretch along with intermittent kneading for a pleasurable experience.

NEW! Lower back stretch

Airbags inflate to secure and lift the lower body while massage rollers gently push up and stretch the lower back. Air pressure is then reduced in the seated airbags, stretching the surrounding area.

NEW! Core stretch

These new features stretches the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and glutes. These major muscle groups work together to support healthy posture, with the application of heat and stretching - the body relaxes from the core.

Full body air bag massage

Temporarily stimulates blood flow for invigorating energy

Designed to blend perfectly with your home décor

Flat recline

170° 170° of control providing custom personal comfort

Premium synthetic leather

Attractive cross-hatchdesign is easy-to-clean


Moving made easy

Safety lock

Power and lock switch prevent malfunctions

Height adjustable

Ottoman extends up to 18 cm

Design your own personalized massage experience

With intelligent control of 3 memory settings, our NEW Massage Strength Control allows you to intensify or soften the standard massage strength setting for all automatic programs. Featuring 4 full body massage programs (Shiatsu, deep, stretch and Swedish) as well as, 5 targeted programs (neck/shoulder, upper back, core, lower back and quick).

Manual massage techniques

Customize your massage with up to 100 different massage combinations.

Auto body scanning system

The sophisticated auto body scanning system is able to detect the prominent points of the body and adjust the massage rollers to fit each unique structure. The sensor technology delivers a gentle massage specifically tailored for each user. The auto body scanning system customizes the range of the massage to automatically match

Wider neck / Shoulder range

A wide range of therapeutic massage is covered vertically: 78 cm and horizontally: 21 cm. The shoulder massage roller, which protrudes 12.5 cm kneads the shoulders of individuals with large builds and hits all the right spots for maximum relief.

Dimensions when not reclined (H x W x D)
Dimensions when not reclined (H x W x D)Approx. 115 x 90 x 130 cm
Dimensions when reclined (H x W x D)
Dimensions when reclined (H x W x D)Approx. 72 x 90 x 200 cm
WeightApprox. 87 kg
MaterialHigh Quality Synthetic Leather
Power SupplyAC 120 V, 60 Hz
Rated Current
Rated Current3.0 A
Preset Programs
Preset ProgramsSwedish, Deep, Shiatsu, Stretch, Quick, Core, Neck / Shoulder, Upper Back, Lower Back / Hip
Reclining Angle
Reclining AngleBackrest: Approx. 120° - 170° Leg rest (leg & sole massage section): Approx. 5° - 85°
TimerUp to 19 minutes (automatically shuts off)

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