Ultralink HDMI Audio Extractor ULHDMIFOA

SKU : ULHDMIFOA UPC : 59497247955

  • Capture audio from digital HDMI streams for use in external receivers and speakers. Featuring a SPDIF/optical output an analog line-out audio output it also supports HDMI 1.4a features such as Audio Return Channel EDID Management and IR over HDMI.
  • HDMI 1.4a compliant 3D support Audio Return Channel (HDMI-ARC).
  • LPCM 2 channel audio output through 3.5mm audio jack output.
  • Uncompressed LPCM audio 2/5.1/7.1 channel supported.
  • Supports HBR (High Bit Rate) audio over HDMI.
  • HDMI-ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows for audio originating from the displays (such as from Smart TVs) to be played to audio devices connected to the audio extractor.
  • EDID Management allows the use of this audio extractor with a variety of displays.
Weight 1.0582 lb
Height 2.0472 in
Length8.0315 in
Width5.7087 in
Warranty1 year

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