Wharfedale Center Channel Speaker JADE C1


Crystalam – a laminated material formed from a series of critically specified natural wood elements and composites, formulated to reduce panel vibration and acoustic leakage to below audibility.

Acufiber – an advanced cone material that combines the responsiveness of glass and carbon fibre materials with a self-damping woven matrix. It features a moulded pattern which automatically breaks up standing waves in the cone to further reduce colouration and distortion, enabling the cone to behave closer to the theoretical acoustic ‘piston’ without the high ‘Q’ resonances experienced by formed metal cones.

Phase Linear Crossover – In order to achieve seamless integration between drive units, the crossover has to be phase linear - that the ear should not hear any discontinuity while each drive units hands over sonic delivery to the next resulting to a cohesive, natural sound. The speaker system is first measured in Wharfedale’s new anechoic chamber and the mechanical properties of the drive units are characterized by the Kippel system. Afterwards each characteristic is then imported into the crossover modeling software where Wharfedale engineers then model the desired performance. Each prototype crossover is then evaluated in our listening rooms and optimised by ear using a wide range of musical styles. From that experience the crossover is once again simulated on the computer and any wrinkle in the performance is ironed out. This process is repeated many times until the perfect performance is reached.

General Description JADE C1 - Centre channel
Enclosure Type 3-way Aperiodic system
Drive Units1 x 1" (25mm) Alu high frequency dome 1 x 3" (76mm) Alu-pulp composite midrange cone 2 x 5" (125mm) Acufibre bass cone
Frequency Response Frequency Response75Hz – 24kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M) 87dB
A/V shielded yes
Crossover Frequency 710Hz, 3.2kHz
Nominal Impedance
Recommended amplifier power 30W - 150W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 195mm x 664mm x 300mm
Net weight 13.2kg / pc
Accessories rubber feet; optional pedestal available

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