At home, we demand utmost comfort and complete relaxation, and your room theater shouldn't be the exception. The Perseus Manual was designed to take you closer to the perfect home theater. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Perseus features high-density foam that offers support in all the right places, making your Home Theater experience as relaxing and cozy as possible. An ergonomic design built to erase fatigue and make your Home Theater a small haven, the Perseus merges comfort and sophistication. 

Designed with style and functionality in mind, the Perseus is upholstered with premium leather air that offers a classic look without requiring special care. If you add to that the durable wood and steel construction, it's no wonder the Perseus was designed to endure years of constant use while keeping a near perfect condition.

The Manual recline system is incredibly easy to use and allows for two reclined positions. Combined with a dedicated wall-hugging technology, you can be sure to use up every inch available and accommodate as many seats as you need. We're convinced small details make perfection, and that's why the Perseus is peppered with them: from hidden storage compartments to durable stainless steel cupholders, this could be the perfect addition to a stylish and classic Home Theater Room.

The Most Durable Leather Air
The Perseus manual recline seats use only the most durable leather air, which means that the leather air will last for years of normal use. Not all leather airs are created equal, and many leather airs will begin show signs of wear very quickly. At TheaterOne, we make sure only the best leather air is used in the construction of the seats.

Full Canadian Warranty Advantage
Perseus home theater seats come with a 1 year Canadian warranty (as opposed to a U.S. warranty), where we go above and beyond our competition by covering the shipping back to you for free. These are two extremely important distinctions, as many customers are surprised to find out that:

with most seating companies being U.S. based, the customer is fully responsible to pay for international shipping of the seat to the U.S. for repairs, and the customer is fully responsible to pay international shipping of the seat back to Canada after it has been repaired.  This is numerous times more expensive than shipping the seat to Canada, and is generally almost as expensive as simply buying a new seat. In this scenario you essentially have no warranty as a Canadian resident.
the vast majority of Canadian seating companies do not cover shipping back to the customer for free. We cover the full cost of shipping back to the customer, making our warranty the best in the business.

The below diagram displays the dimensions as well as the most popular configurations. Please note that there is a limitless combination of configurations and row sizes; if you would like a different configuration than the ones below, simply contact one of our TheaterOne dealers.


Cup Holder
The cup holders on TheaterOne seats are designed to give you maximum convinience, preventing spills while not taking away from the sleek look of the home theater chairs.  

Wall-Hugging Design
The wall-hugging design of all TheaterOne seats ensures that the seats can be placed very close to your wall, virtually eliminating the wasting of space in your room.

Simple to Operate Manual Recline
The manual recline system in the chairs are easy to use with two recline positions, allowing for both semi-reclined mode and full reclined mode.

Ergonomically Designed with Proper Support
TheaterOne seating is designed with high quality, high resiliency foam materials, which means that the chairs hold their shape, year after year. Furthermore, the foam in the seat back cushion is chosen to be comfortable yet ergonomic, maximizing the enjoyment of your theater while minimizing fatigue. The seat rest is designed with special, high density foam that will be supportive yet remain in great shape throughout the lifetime of the seating.

Quality Wood and Steel Construction
At TheaterOne, we make sure the seats are capable of high load-capacities and longevity. The seats all feature high quality wood and steel frames, ensuring its shape for years to come while giving the user a high level support and cushioning.

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