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Comfort and luxury meet in the Helios. The high-quality leather upholstery paired up with an ergonomic design makes it irresistible for even the pickiest of Home Theater owners. Designed to provide ultimate ergonomic support, every cushion in the Helios seat was specifically engineered to fit the human body.

The Helios was made to last a lifetime. Featuring the world-renowned Legget & Platt reclining mechanism and an extra-wide seat and only the best nappa top grain leather to give you a soft and durable finish for maximum comfort, the Helios will become an oasis for every member of the family. The extra storage space tidies up your space effortlessly, while the subtle lighting make it easy to get around in the dark.


Nappa Top Grain Leather 11000

For luxury and comfort, Nappa Leather is the absolute best upholstery option available. Our flagship model features Top Grain Nappa Leather 11000. This means that the leather we use is selected from only the finest cowhides and hand-treated to achieve a soft and supple effect.

Pliable and soft, only nappa top grain leather upholstery can set your home theater apart from the rest. We sourced the highest quality leather available, the only upholstery we felt was suitable for our flagship model.


Pneumatic Lumbar Support

Our premium line was designed by experts to offer ultimate comfort. For lower back support that molds to the human shape, we've engineered a pneumatic lumbar support cushion. Adjustable to fit your needs for years to come, this cushion can be set to your liking for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our dual density cushions were specially engineered to provide the support right where you need it. Designed in collaboration with ergonomic experts and chiropractors, means that Helios seating was designed to provide exceptional comfort and support, even after an extended movie marathon.

Adjustable Motorized Headrest

Proper head support is one of the main consideration when we started designing the Helios. To avoid a cramped and tense neck, our flagship model features a fully adjustable motorized headrest. Designed to adapt to your personal taste, this headrest is easily customizable through a range of positions. Even when fully reclined, you can always enjoy the ideal ergonomic posture. The smooth mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustments, so you can easily adjust your headrest without interupting your show.

Diamond Quilted Stitching

Ultimate comfort doesn't come exclusively from the inside. Every last detail of our flagship model was designed to pamper and support you. Our signature Diamond Quilted Stitching pattern takes an already comfortable seats from great to amazing. The secret to our Diamond Stitching Pattern is that it creates dozens of small pillows that ensure exceptional comfort. The pattern adds a touch of finess to any room, adding a striking feature to the look of your home theater. The double-cushioning from the ergonomic support and the stitching will take your comfort - and your home theater - to the next level.

Ultimate Comfort

Comfort shouldn't be taken for granted. That's why we specifically engineered our seating to provide the utmost comfort and reliability. Our flagship model features the world-renowned Leggett & Platt Reclining Mechanism, offering smooth and quite transition from upright to fully reclined, without the need to wrestle with your seat. Besides from the reclining mechanism, every cushion was designed and shaped to support and correct your posture, with special attention to your lumbar health. Whether you just need a quick rest or want full support for a movie marathon, our seats will be there to support you.

USB Charging LED Cupholders

Full customization is one of the biggest appeals of designing your own home theater. Tale it to the next level with our USB charging LED cupholders. Designed with the tech-savvy user in mind, these are no regular cupholders. Featuring ambient LED lighting and USB charging port, it makes it easy to never miss the mark when placing down a drink in the middle of a movie, while offering a sleek glow that won't disturb anyone. Featuring a handy USB port to charge and use all your devices from the comfort of your seat.

Ambient Base Lighting

LED ambient base lighting adds a nice touch to any theater by providing subtle floor-lighting, enabling movie enthusiasts to safely move in and out of the theater. The lights can be turned on and off quickly and easily via controls on the cup holder.

Whisper Quiet Motorized Recline

TheatherOne uses only the top rated synchronous motors for the motorized recline system. This means that the operation of the system is quiet, smooth and extremely reliable. The two buttons used for the recline system allow the user to get the perfect angle of recline for any situation, giving maximum comfort at all times.

Wall-Hugging Design

The wall-hugging design of all TheaterOne seats ensures that the seats can be placed very close to your wall, virtually eliminating the wasting of space in your room.

Hidden Storage in Every Chair Arm

TheaterOne designs every chair arm rest with a hidden compartment to store your remote controls, magazines and other small items you want stowed away near you for easy access.

Quality Wood and Steel Construction

At TheaterOne, we make sure the seats are capable of high load-capacities and longevity. The seats all feature high quality wood and steel frames, ensuring its shape for years to come while giving the user a high level support and cushioning.


The below diagram displays the dimensions as well as the most popular configurations. Please note that there is a limitless combination of configurations and row sizes; if you would like a different configuration than the ones below, simply contact one of our TheaterOne dealers.

Full Canadian Warranty Advantage

Perseus home theater seats come with a 1 year Canadian warranty (as opposed to a U.S. warranty), where we go above and beyond our competition by covering the shipping back to you for free. These are two extremely important distinctions, as many customers are surprised to find out that:

  • with most seating companies being U.S. based, the customer is fully responsible to pay for international shipping of the seat to the U.S. for repairs, and the customer is fully responsible to pay international shipping of the seat back to Canada after it has been repaired.  This is much more expensive than shipping the seat to Canada, and is generally almost as expensive as simply buying a new seat. As a Canadian resident, you essentially have no warranty in this scenario.
  • the vast majority of Canadian seating companies do not provide free return shipping. We cover the full cost of shipping back to the customer, making our warranty the best in the business.

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